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No. Link Summer
School Name Class Location
1 http://www.alra.demon.co.uk    Academy of Live and Recorded Arts  Professional  london south west
2 http://www.apslondon.co.uk    Academy of Professional Studies    london south west
3 http://www.babeltech.ac.uk    Babel Technical College    london south west
4 http://www.cife.org.uk/bales    Bales College    london south west
5 http://www.hwlc.ac.uk    Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College    london south west
6      Elmhurst Ballet School    london south west
7 http://www.elt-online.co.uk    ELT Clapham  ESL  london south west
8 http://www.embassyces.com    Embassy CES Language and Training Centre, London  ESL  london south west
9 http://www.esher.ac.uk    Esher College    london south west
10 http://www.eurocentres.com    Eurocentres, London Central  ESL  london south west
11 http://www.geos-school.com    GEOS English Academy, London    london south west
12 http://www.hampton.richmond.sch.uk    Hampton School  GCSE
 A Level
 london south west
13 http://www.harrowhouse.com    Harrow House International College, London  ESL  london south west
14 http://www.klc.co.uk    KLC School of Design    london south west
15 http://www.londonstudycentre.com    London Study Centre  ESL  london south west
16 http://www.milnerschool.co.uk    Milner School of English, Wimbledon    london south west
17 http://www.polyglot.co.uk    Polyglot Language Centre  ESL  london south west
18 http://www.richmond.ac.uk/academ/spprog/eldp.htm    Richmond The American International University in London    london south west
19 http://www.rrc.co.uk    RRC Business Training    london south west
20 http://www.southchelseacollege.co.uk    South Chelsea College    london south west
21 http://www.swandean.co.uk    Swandean School of English, Wimbledon  ESL  london south west
22 http://www.burlingtonschool.co.uk    The Burlington School of English  ESL  london south west
23 http://www.ejo.co.uk    The Elizabeth Johnson Organisation (EJO)  ESL  london south west
24      The Lady Eleanor Holles School  GCSE
 A Level
 london south west
25 http://www.londonschool.com    The London School of English  ESL  london south west
26 http://www.tiller.co.uk    Tiller School of Navigation and Seamanship    london south west
27 http://www.smuc.ac.uk    University of Surey / St Mary's College  Undergraduate
 london south west
28 http://www.westminster-cfe.ac.uk    Westminster College  Undergraduate  london south west
29 http://www.wimbledon.ac.uk    Wimbledon School Of Art  Undergraduate  london south west
30 http://www.wimbledon-school.ac.uk    Wimbledon School of English  ESL  london south west
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